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Measuring the ROI of Customer Marketing & Advocacy

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Measuring the ROI of Customer Marketing & Advocacy offers a clear path on calculating the revenue impact and the ROI of your CMA programs.

You'll be equipped with 25+ CMA metrics to start tracking, how to drive conversations with your revenue leaders, and step by step process on implementing a more reasonable revenue attribution model.

The functional spreadsheet with ALL my formulas will make it a no brainer in securing additional headcount and yearly promotions.

You’ll learn:

🟪 Why Metrics Matter

🟪 A Metrics Mindset

🟪 KPI’s vs Metrics

🟪 Metric categories

🟪 How to have executive level conversations - Exact words!

🟪 Email templates

🟪 Campaign Set Up

🟪 Build a single source of truth that is 100% accurate

🟪 Salesforce Campaign Reporting

🟪 ROI of the 5 main CMA initiatives

🟪 Calculating the ROI of your department

🟪 Demo of the digital asset you will receive after completing the course.

As a bonus, you will receive many digital resources after completing the course that will help you take action immediately, including:

  1. Metric Spreadsheet
  2. Script on how to talk to your C-suite
  3. Email templates
  4. A bonus doc 😉


What if it’s not right for me?

No sweat. If you’re not happy with the course for any reason, I’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked.

What results should I expect?

A way to show measurable impacts to revenue and how to quantify areas of CMA that normally seem subjective. If you follow the steps in the course you’ll dramatically increase your credibility within your organization by proving CMA performance impact.

Can I get my work to pay for it?

Hell yea! If your company offers a learning and development stipend, you can get reimbursed. Otherwise, you can ask your manager with this email:

Hey Boss – I found a course that will help me improve the way I present the ROI of my CMA programs. It’s only $197. Would it be reasonable to expense this as a learning and development investment through {Company name}?

You'll get access to:

• 45-minutes across 8 video lessons

• 5 resources

What others are saying:

"This course feels like a cheat code for CMA pros. Leslie has outdone herself and provided perhaps the most relevant and important professional education you will consume this year."

-Rob Ayre, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Influitive

"This course is a MUST for CMA newbies and seasoned pros alike. Leslie gives you step by step instructions (templates included) to showcase not only the value you're bringing to the company but the direct impact your programs are making on the bottom line of your business."

- Amanda Peacock, Director of Customer Marketing, Zylo

"As a Head of Customer Marketing, I'm constantly looking for ways I can become more metrics-driven and showcase the value my team brings to business. Leslie provides both a strategic lens on what metrics to look for as well as the crucial details to help any customer marketer get there. Whether you're just starting out in your reporting journey, or looking to expand, this course offers something for everyone!"

-Jane Menyo, Head of Customer Marketing at Gong

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Measuring ROI of Customer Marketing & Advocacy offers a clear path to calculating the ROI of your department to make a case for additional headcount and secure yearly promotions. 

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Measuring the ROI of Customer Marketing & Advocacy

34 ratings
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